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Hot Stuff Bulldogs Deposit Contract

A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to be placed on my paid waiting list.  This deposit will be deducted from the purchase price. Payments can be made by check, cash, Venmo, Cash App, postal money order Western Union, Money Gram or Walmart to Walmart. Clients are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date deposits are received (not the date you mail them). Puppies will be offered in the same chronological order as received. Clients should have some idea of what they desire in a puppy prior to placing a deposit i.e., color, sex and a second choice. However, this is not required in order to be placed on our waiting list. You can request a certain litter, but it is in no way guaranteed. My females typically cycle together. This is why I prefer to have litters spoken for before being born. Once they arrive, I like to focus on keeping them healthy and happy instead of marketing them. 

Before placing a deposit with us, please be certain that you are willing to wait for your special puppy. We do our best to fulfill the requests of our clients, but genetics being what they are, we cannot predict how many pups will be produced or the sex and (sometimes) color that will result from any breeding or if the breeding will be successful and produce puppies at all.


Waiting List Factors:

We receive numerous inquiries on the size of our waiting list, or the approximate time it may take for a client to receive a puppy from us. The size of the list is not always a factor in the selection process. Clients may pass on a puppy that is exactly what another client desires.  The reasons that people pass on a puppy are endless. Some of them are: ‘We are not ready for a puppy at this time’, ‘We are moving’, ‘We like the puppy, but it’s not exactly what we are looking for’, ‘Not the right sex’, ‘We just found out we are pregnant’, ‘We haven’t had time to put up a fence’, ‘An illness prevents us from taking a puppy right now’, ‘We’ve had a job change’, ‘Our current dog has become ill’, ‘We will be traveling when the puppy is ready to go home’. 

Thank you! We will contact you as soon as possible.


We accept:

Zelle as First Payment Option

Terrace Finance (link
Mail a Wellsfargo Check
Bank Transfer
Walmart to Walmart payments can be sent to Shawn Seigler/ Augusta Georgia/ 706-267-0394

Please note, all Puppies are required to be paid off by 6 weeks of age if your puppy is being shipped. If you are meeting me in person final payment must be paid in cash. It is our POLICY. 

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