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Initial Preparation for Puppy Adoption Application

Before You Begin:

Ensure you have the necessary information about the puppy you’re interested in adopting. This includes:


• Breed

• Color

• Date of Birth (DOB)

• Names of the Parents

• Adoption Fee


You can find this detailed information in the nursery section, under your chosen puppy’s pictures. Additionally, you will need a digital copy of your driver’s license ready to attach to your application.


Important: Double-check all the information for accuracy before submitting your application. Incomplete or incorrect applications cannot be accepted due to their legal and binding nature. We cannot reserve a puppy for you without a completed application. You will receive an email notification once your application has been accepted.


Adoption Policies:


• Payment Schedule: The full payment for the puppy must be completed by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old, except when planning an in-person pickup. Visit our Payments Page for instructions on how to submit your payment. If an alternative method is required please reach out to us. 

• In-Person Pickup Policy: If you owe a balance and are picking up your puppy in person, the remaining amount must be paid in cash. No exceptions.



Contract Submission


 Deposit Requirements

$3500 adoption fee- deposit amount $700

$4500 adoption fee- deposit amount $900

$5500 adoption fee- deposit amount $1100

A non-refundable deposit 20% of the adoption fee is required to hold a puppy. This deposit secures your puppy and removes it from the market. To calculate a 20% deposit, use the formula: Adoption fee x 0.20. The deposit is strictly non-refundable as holding a puppy means potential buyers are turned away. Payment methods for the deposit are detailed on our website. If you have questions about the deposit or need assistance in any way I am always available to help in any way possible. 


What Happens After Submitting

Your Contract

After your contract and deposit are received and verified, we will send you a welcome email and make an appointment with you for a welcome phone consultation to answer any and all questions you may have. This email will confirm the acceptance of your contract and will include pictures 


Balance Payments: All balances must be fully paid by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old to facilitate any necessary transportation arrangements and ensure payment processing. If picking up in person, you may choose to pay 50% of the adoption fee by the 6-week mark, with the remainder due in cash at pickup. Note that puppies cannot leave our premises until full payment has been received and cleared.

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Preparing for Your Puppy

Visit our Parents Resources Page for essential reading and resources to prepare for your new puppy’s arrival.


Making arrangements for pickup or delivery. 

**Puppy Pickup & Delivery Choices**


1. **Self-Pickup:** You can come to us to pick up your puppy in person.

2. **Ground Transport:** Offered for destinations within a predefined distance.

3. **Flight Nanny:** A personalized service for safe, in-cabin air travel for your puppy.


**Flying Puppies - Safe and Direct Delivery to You**


At Rare Bulldogs, we prioritize the utmost safety and comfort for the transportation of your new puppy directly to you. We endorse trustworthy Airline Nanny services, ensuring your puppy flies in-cabin and arrives stress-free. We cater to most major U.S. airports, providing a seamless experience.


**Transport Details:**


- **In-Cabin Travel:** Your puppy's journey will be in the cabin, not in cargo, to ensure safety and comfort.

- **Cost:** Transportation within the U.S. for puppies under 20 lbs starts at $650, varying by destination. Be aware some airlines may impose a pet fee on top of the quoted price. We recommend inquiring about potential additional fees in advance.


**Nanny Policy:**


- **Flight Conditions:** Our recommended Flight Nannies are airline employees, flying standby with their respective companies. This means they cannot guarantee specific days or times for your puppy’s delivery. Flights can be rescheduled or delayed without prior notice, and nannies are limited to specific airports.

- **Availability Requirement:** You or a designated person must be flexible to pick up your puppy from the airport at any time, considering the standby nature of the nanny’s travel.

- **Late Pickup Policy:** If you fail to meet the nanny on time, they may need to return with the puppy at your cost, as they cannot miss their return flight. No refunds are provided for missed pickups.

- **Agreement:** Opting for nanny delivery implies acceptance of these conditions, ensuring you understand and agree to the flexibility required for this service.


**Transportation Coordination Disclaimer**


Though we assist in arranging transportation through external ground and flight nanny services, please be aware we do not have partnerships with these companies. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for their operations, cancellations, or any related issues.


**Transfer of Care Disclaimer**


As soon as your puppy is handed over to you or the transportation service, our responsibility for its care and well-being concludes.

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