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List of Must Haves when Whelping a Litter

**List of Essential Items for Dog Breeders and Reasons:**

1. **Portable Incubator**: Provides a controlled environment for safe transport of puppies to and from the vet, especially for those who struggle to maintain their body temperature.

- *Product*: [Puppy Safe Portable Incubator Tote](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

2. **Home Use Incubator**: Maintains warmth and safety for puppies, helping to prevent fading puppy syndrome.

- *Product*: [18x18 Puppy Safe Incubator](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

3. **Humidifiers**: Replenish humidity lost due to heat sources, ensuring optimal levels for respiratory health of the puppies.

- *Product*: [Puppy Safe Humidifiers](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

4. **Oxygen Concentrator**: Essential for addressing respiratory issues in newborn puppies, providing necessary oxygen in incubators.

- *Product*: [OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

5. **Heated Area**: Ensures a warm and thriving environment for the puppies.

6. **Calcium Supplement for Mom**: Supports the mother's health post-birth.

7. **Playpen with Heating Pad**: Creates a secure and warm space for puppies.

8. **Nebulizer**: Treats upper respiratory infections in puppies.

- *Product*: [Nebulizer for Puppies](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

9. **Whelping Record/Chart**: Tracks weights and crucial information for each puppy.

10. **Stop Bleed and Hemostats**: Essential for managing bleeding during birthing.

11. **Tube Feeders**: Enables syringe feeding for puppies in need.

- *Product*: [Feeding Tubes for Puppies](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

12. **Puppy Milk Replacer**: Backup if the mother is unable to nurse.

13. **Nutra-Cal**: Calorie supplement for both puppies and mom.

14. **Probiotic Paste**: Supports the digestive health of puppies.

15. **NuVet Vitamin**: Provides essential nutrients for puppy development.

16. **Medical Grade Suction Device**: Assists in clearing airways and nebulization.

- *Product*: [Puppy Suction Device](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

17. **Puppy Scale**: Weighs puppies accurately in grams.

18. **Kit for Vet Visits**: Includes necessary items for car rides and emergencies.

19. **Hygiene and Emergency Care Items**: Nasal bulb, gloves, sizers, dental floss, blankets, formula, thermometer, iodine swabs, Chlorhexidine.

20. **Puppy Collars and Feeding Charts**: Organizes and tracks puppy development.

21. **Stethoscope**: Monitors the health of both mom and puppies.

22. **Incubator Beds and Liners**: Prevents flat chest syndrome and ensures cleanliness.

- *Products*: [Incubator Flat Chest Prevention Mat](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

[Incubator Liners](#) | Puppy Safe Shop

23. **Pedialyte**: Addresses dehydration in puppies.

24. **Medications (Prescribed by Vet)**: Liquid metronidazole, Toltrazuril, Drontal Plus, Clavamox, Lactated Ringers.

**Disclaimer**: All puppy medications and their usage should be directed by a veterinarian. Seek professional advice for your specific situation to ensure the health and well-being of your puppies and mother dog.

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