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Hot Stuff Bulldogs 

The following agreement is between HOT STUFF BULLGOGS (seller) for the purchase and sale of one purebred puppy (said puppy) and: 


Buyers Information:


A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $_________ shall be paid to the seller and signed contract shall be completed before said puppy will be reserved. The deposit shall be deducted from the agreed upon purchase price in the amount of $____________. The buyer acknowledges said deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances. Acceptable payment methods include Zelle, bank transfer, Western Union, and Walmart to Walmart. Please reach out if none of these options work for you. (other payment options available upon approval). Puppy must be paid for in full one week before said puppy is to be shipped. The balance is due in cash if the buyer is meeting sales in person. Please note if buyer arrives to pick said puppy up from sales and does not have a cash balance, we will reschedule the appointment for another day to allow buyer time to collect the cash balance.

Puppy Pickup & Delivery Choices:

1. Self-Pickup: You can come to us to pick up your puppy in person.

2. Ground Transport: Offered for destinations within a predefined distance.

3. Flight Nanny: A personalized service for safe, in-cabin air travel for your puppy.

Kindly select your preferences

Pickup Location:

For those picking up their puppy in person, our designated meeting point is Windsor Jewelers, located at 2635 Washington Rd, Augusta, Georgia, 30904.

Health and Safety Policy: 

Home visits are not permitted due to the vulnerability of newborn puppies who lack immunity and the protective nature of their mothers, which could be disrupted by visitors. This policy ensures the health of the puppies and allows their mothers to provide the best care without added stress or anxiety. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.



Buyer is responsible for the shipping costs for said puppy. The cost of shipping includes but is not limited to, airline tickets, airline-approved shipping crate, and a health/veterinary certificate. Shipping dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather, flight availability, etc. Once said puppy has been delivered to the arriving airport, HOT STUFF BULLDOGS is no longer responsible for its safety, health, or well-being. Buyer understands that it is their choice to have said puppy shipped and takes sole responsibility for any issues that should arise during or after the shipping. HOT STUFF BULLDOGS is not liable for said puppy after it has left the direct care of HOT STUFF BULLDOGS. All puppies must be at least eight (8) weeks of age before they can leave to their new homes.

Seller will provide AKC paperwork to buyer  upon completion of final payment.  


. HOT STUFF BULLDOGS is not liable for any common illness or health conditions that may occur or is diagnosed after the initial 48-hour period.

. Buyer agrees to provide said puppy with routine preventative care such as, but not limited to annual examination by licensed veterinarian and following veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations, de-worming, flea and heart-worm preventatives.

. Buyer understands that this breed is prone to health problems. Buyer understands they are responsible for any/all veterinarian costs accrued once said puppy has left the possession of HOT STUFF BULLDOGS.

. If at any time during the life of said puppy buyer decides they are no longer able to continue the care for said puppy, they are welcome to return said puppy to HOT STUFF BULLDOGS to find a suitable home, no refund or transferable monetary arrangements would be given in this circumstance. We understands sometimes things may happen in life that were not planned.

. HOT STUFF BULLDOGS guarantees that said puppy is believed to be healthy at the time of sale and has received age-appropriate vaccines and de-worming.

. HOT STUFF BULLDOGS has made every effort to provide you with a healthy, quality puppy.

. Puppy is considered "Pet Quality", HOT STUFF BULLDOGS offers no guarantee that said puppy could or could not have faults, which could make said puppy unsuitable for showing or breeding.

Health Guarantee:

Breeder provides a 1-year (from date of birth) replacement guarantee. The guarantee can be extended from a 1 year a 2 year by continuing  Nuvet Vitamin  for 24 consecutive

months and ordering it from

If the puppy develops a congenital or hereditary life-threatening disorder  Seller will replace the puppy with another puppy with a puppy that has the same or as close to the same DNA of said puppy. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of the original puppy. A puppy may not be available right away. Seller agrees to  replace the puppy as first opportunity arrises, provided the conditions as stated herein and as agreed upon are met and kept by Buyer. 

Buyer may elect to extend this health guarantee to 1 years by continuing with NuVet Plus for at least the first 24 consecutive months after purchase with no lapse in purchase.

Every effort has been made to assure that the puppy/dog has received proper vaccinations and deworming. The Buyer has been informed of these and of future vaccinations and deworming due and will agree to have them done on time. Failure to do so will render this contract null and void.

 puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality and equal value. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of the original puppy.


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The health guarantee  period for said puppy is one year from date of birth.

  • Our one year health guarantee can be extended to two years by agreeing to continue NuVet vitamins for at least the first 24 months of your puppy’s life. Vitamins must be ordered from the following link to qualify:

  • Please sign below if you would like an 

  • This warranty covers fatal and life altering congenital diseases. This includes kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe, life-threatening nature.​

  •  If said puppy dies within this contract’s effective period, the buyer agrees to assume financial responsibility for an autopsy on said puppy, to be performed by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of death.

  • Buyer agrees to forward the written necropsy report to the seller.

  • If the cause of death is found to be any affliction listed in the health warranty section) of this contract, the seller agrees to replace the puppy with one of similar identifying characteristics as those listed in the identifying information for said puppy section of this contract, unless characteristics are unavailable to the seller or otherwise specified by the buyer.

  • Buyer agrees that there is no monetary refund of any kind, full or partial guaranteed or implied.

  • The puppy must exhibit the congenital defect within the effective period of this contract.

  • The buyer agrees to notify the seller of the problem as well as furnish veterinary reports by two unassociated licensed veterinarians stating the affliction within two business days of the problem's discovery.

Health Conditions: 

  •  This guarantee does not apply to afflictions that are considered to be common. These include, but are not limited to, cherry eye, entropion, loose hips, skin allergies, elongated soft palate and collapsed nostrils.

  • Any kind of parasites, bacteria or viruses, sicknesses which could be associated with the afflictions listed in this contract or environmental factors will not be covered by this guarantee. Including allergies, dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders.

  • The seller does not assume responsibility for any reaction to any vaccination.

  • The seller does not assume responsibility for any medical expenses incurred associated with any health problem.

  • This guarantee does not apply to any physical problems that could be the result of an injury or excessive jumping at too young of an age until the bones and joints are allowed to develop fully.

  • Said puppy in this purchase agreement is being purchased -

AKC paperwork will be transferred upon completion of final payment.

HOT STUFF BULLDOGS does not guarantee size, temperament, conformation, or color when said puppy is mature.

  • Said puppy is guaranteed for ONE YEAR from date of birth (or 2 year if buyer continues Nuvet)against fatal or life threatening congenital defects or diseases. This includes kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, or liver problems of a severe and life altering nature. Any physical problems, which is or could be the result of injury, is not included in this guarantee. This guarantee applies to the buyer on this agreement ONLY and is nontransferable to a second party.

  • This guarantee only covers congenital defects and does not include any condition that may have been caused by environmental factors, (allergies, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, skin tags, or benign tumors) or any common illness/condition.

  • If said puppy is found to have a life-threatening congenital defect or health problem diagnoses within anytime of ownership, buyer is required to contact HOT STUFF BULLDOGS within 48 hours of the exam(s) with two signed statements of the same diagnosis of a congenital life-threatening condition from two unassociated, licensed veterinarians. If these steps are followed, and upon the return of said puppy, HOT STUFF BULLDOGS will provide a replacement puppy (when one is available) of our choosing.

  • If said puppy is returned under this guarantee, said puppy must be returned to HOT STUFF BULLDOGS in good health and appearance, excluding the diagnosed condition, and must be returned at the expense of the buyer. Buyer is also responsible for shipping costs on the replacement puppy.

  • No replacement puppy will be given if said puppy has been bred, spayed, neutered, or euthanized without prior written approval from HOT STUFF BULLDOGS.

  • Any replacement puppy will be chosen by HOT STUFF BULLDOGS and will be of comparable quality and the same or similar DNA. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the same parents of said puppy, and that a replacement puppy may not be immediately available.

  • If said puppy dies at any time from the date of birth forward, buyer will pay for a necropsy to as certain the cause of death. Only if the cause of death is congenital, HOT STUFF BULLDOGS, may replace said puppy with a puppy of equal value from the next available litter.

  • HOT STUFF BULLDOGS does not guarantee against common health issues known to the breed such as cherry eye, hernias, entropion, loose hips, allergies, elongate soft palate, stenotic nares or demodectic mange.

  • HOT STUFF BULLDOGS does not guarantee against Parvo, Distemper, or Corona Virus as these are highly contagious diseases and can be transmitted immediately after leaving HOT STUFF BULLDOGS’ care.

  • HOT STUFF BULLDOGS does not guarantee against conditions that may or may not be stress-related due to the move to a new home or the shipping process. Some stress-related conditions that have previously remained dormant can be triggered by the aforementioned scenarios and may be diagnosed immediately. Some examples of these non-guaranteed stress-related illness/conditions are, but not limited to, hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, Bordetella (or any form of kennel cough) and worms. These can be caused by the living conditions of said puppy.

  • Buyer is aware that owning said puppy requires routine and sometimes unexpected trips to a veterinarian and understands that the buyer will be responsible for all payments/bills.

  • Buyer has been informed of the vaccinations said puppy has received and also is aware of the due dates for further vaccinations and de-worming that will be required.

  • Buyer and HOT STUFF BULLDOGS agree that they have read and understand this contract in its entirety.

  • It is agreed that any legal issues concerning said puppy will be handled in Richmond County, GA.

  • This extends to internet sales across states lines. This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements. No verbal agreements will be upheld. Buyer understands if the terms are breeched then the contract is void.

  • Social media slander is not a product of professionalism or any form of professional conduct. Should any issue arise, we would hope to come to an agreement whereas both parties agree, pursuant to signed contract. Any social media slander, negative reviews on any social media platform such as Google my business, Facebook, Instagram, Website, Puppy Find, AKC Market Place, BBB, Yellp, or any other platform will void contract and all agreed terms.

Thank you! We will contact you as soon as possible.


We accept:

Zelle as First Payment Option

Terrace Finance (link
Mail a Wellsfargo Check
Bank Transfer
Walmart to Walmart payments can be sent to Shawn Seigler/ Augusta Georgia/ 706-267-0934

Please note, all Puppies are required to be paid off by 6 weeks of age if your puppy is being shipped. If you are meeting me in person final payment must be paid in cash. It is our POLICY. 

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