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About Us

Hotstuff Bulldogs is located in Georgia, we pride ourselves on being an elite breeding establishment for French and English bulldogs. Our mission is centered on enhancing the breed's health, quality, temperament, and physical structure. As conscientious breeders, we prioritize the health and genetic testing of our dogs before breeding to ensure the best outcomes.


Our puppies are the result of many generations of selective breeding within our lines, ensuring a legacy of excellence. We guarantee that each puppy is current with vaccinations, free from parasites, and comes with a comprehensive 2-year health guarantee. Included with every puppy is a canvas bag, a record of vaccinations, a sample of food, Nuvet Vitamin samples, and, most importantly, a lifetime of support from us as your breeder.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care and support for our dogs and the families that welcome them into their homes.

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