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Hot Stuff Stud Contract

The following agreement is between Hot Stuff Bulldogs, (“seller”) for the purchase and sale of one stud service to (“buyer”). 

Dam owner MUST progesterone test dam to be bred and provide results to Hot Stuff Bulldogs. Should the female not be tested, and she does not take, no re-breed will be offered. Stud services rendered are not to be sold or used on any other female than one presented at original contract signing. Should something happen to original dam prior to breeding and/or rebreed, the contract is still upholding to original contract that sire owners do not owe anything to dam owner.

Hot Stuff Bulldogs PAYMENT TO:


ZELLE: VENMO: 706-393-0931

* BUYER PAYS ALL FEES The seller transfers all rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with the ownership of said (‘semen”) to the buyer subject to the conditions set forth below as of the date specified. The buyer agrees that Hot Stuff Bulldogs is solely responsible for the safe transportation of semen to UPS or FEDEX and scanned as received. *MONIES RECEIVED FROM BUYER PURSUANT TO ANY CONTRACT TERMS LISTED IN THIS CONTRACT ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. AKC registration will be approved by seller in a timely manner!

Hot Stuff Bulldogs is not responsible for shipping if lost, stolen, delayed or damaged. Hot Stuff Bulldogs presumes that two live puppies born is considered a litter. Hot Stuff Bulldogs nor the sire to the litter is responsible for the number of eggs produced by the female. Should the female in the breeding not take on the first breeding, provided with proof by a licensed veterinarian, Hot Stuff Bulldogs will provide one breeding for repeat, but shipping is again at buyer’s expense. If the breeding does not take for a second time, and buyer wishes to try a third time, buyer must have a full reproduction examination done by a licensed veterinarian. The results shall be forwarded to Hot Stuff Bulldogs prior to shipping semen a third time. Rebreeds shall be used within twelve months of the date of shipping on original breeding. Hot Stuff Bulldogs is not responsible for any DNA health test findings of DM, IVVD, or CDDY. We, through research, believe these do not pertain to the breed and we do not test for these items. Should a deposit be placed on a stud that passes away, buyer will be presented with alternative studs available at that time. Social media slander is not a product of professionalism or any form of professional conduct. Should any issue arise, we would hope to come to an agreement whereas both parties agree, pursuant to the signed contract. Any social media slander will void contract and all agreed terms. Hot Stuff Bulldogs strives to provide an easy safe transaction for both parties

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We accept:

Terrace Finance (link
Mail a Wellsfargo Check
Bank Transfer
Walmart to Walmart payments can be sent to Shawn Seigler/ Augusta Georgia/ 706-267-0931

Please note, all Puppies are required to be paid off by 6 weeks of age if your puppy is being shipped. If you are meeting me in person final payment must be paid in cash. It is our POLICY. 

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